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ijiang.Actually, authentic Naxi cuisine consists of a number of tasty snacks that can be easily found in the streets of Lijiang City. Jidou Liangfen (a kin▓d of jelly made from chick pea) is one of the favorite snacks of locals, so don't forget to sample▓ it while on your trip.Premier Wen Jiabao made an inspection tour to northwestern Gansu Province on Saturday and Sunday. His visit aimed at gaining greater insight into issues such as p▓overty elimination, enviromental construction and social welfare. The premier urged the once impoverished province, to continue developing industries with local characteristics, while ensuring the safety of the local ecolo▓gy.Premier Wen Jiabao first went to Dingxi,a city used to

be▓ one of the poorest places in the country.Wen Jiabao praised the achievements of local ecological c▓onstruction. He also noted that governments at all ▓levels must make joint efforts to re▓turn farmland to fores